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AC Impedance Software tools

Over the course of my Ph.D. I’ve had to write programs to automate data collection
or processing. They are:

HP 4192A LF impedance analyzer interface & data collection. This program will interface with the analyzer, setup the instrument, trigger the instrument and collect the data. The data is stored in a .csv file in three columns. The data format is: complex impedance (|Z|), phase angle (Φ), frequency (Hz). I intended to include a temperature ramp, however I did not have time to complete to throughly debug and test the vi. I believe this is compatible with LabView v 7.0 (zip)

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HP 34401A multimeter interface to collect voltages from a photomultiplier
tube as a function of time. Under cross-polarized microscopy, crystalline
domains within a material are visible. By using a photomultiplier tube one
can quantify the amount of crystallinity in a given area, and if done so
with respect to time, the rate of crystallisation can be quantified as well.
The experimental setup placed the sensor in the occular eyepiece and connect
the sensor to a multimeter which was interfaced with a PC. The sample was
then either heated isothermally or through a temperature ramp controlled
by a Metler-Toledo temperature controlled hot-stage. (zip)

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SigmaPlot Macro: I needed a way to quickly process the data collected by AC impedance spectroscopy.
It is a simple process but a tedious boring process. So I created this sigmaplot
macro to handle all the files I wanted and graph the data.


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You may use these programs freely. However, if you find these useful (or not) please let me know and I hope you would give credit. Thank you

Posted: November 19th, 2012
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