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Fadi Asfour, Ph.D. – Director/Owner



Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience providing collaborative leadership and innovative guidance.

Superior analytic skills, strong project and team management experience, passionate about leading change and driving results through process improvements. Excel at cross-cultural communication, interfacing between multidisciplinary groups, and in developing strong and productive teams.

Key achievements

  • Directed a national task force to create and implement a pilot project for teachers in distance education using eLearning platforms.
  • Initiated, designed and implemented a knowledge management system that improved product development and reduced the training time from 18 months down to 6 months: a 300% (measured) productivity improvement, which equates to half a million dollars in savings.
  • Led the business development of and cofounded a Canadian clean technology corporation

I’ve worked with:

  • Novitex
  • Pitney Bowes of Canada
  • SRK Consulting (Canada) Ltd.
  • TechBA Vancouver
  • Operadora de Granos Almacenados S.A. de C.V.
  • TatuDesign
  • Terra Language Solutions
  • Los Cerros de San Juan
  • UBC Bioorganic Labs
  • American Manganese Inc.
  • Shai Lah Interactive



Dr. Asfour would be an exceptional asset for any organization to have. His leadership has demonstrated success in the types of teams he has developed and how he can manage difficult situations. He is diligent to the tasks he faces and has established that he can set and follow through on strategic agendas for the organizations he leads.

My experience of working with Dr Asfour has been nothing short excellent as he is a congenial individual who can effortlessly remain focused on his goals and objectives. He has a high degree of integrity and has demonstrated action and follow-through on his commitments.

I do not hesitate providing a recommendation on behalf of Dr Asfour.”

– Blaine Timlick, Program Manager at Canadian Grain Commission

I worked with Fadi briefly in connection with H2O3 Pure Water Inc. Although our association only lasted a few months, I became impressed with his ability to quickly grasp the salient issues facing the business, and the steps he took to drive them to closure. He also provided critical leadership for the team he was working with. Without his direct involvement the team would not have been able to successfully reach their goals.

– Timothy Piwonka-Corle, Senior Director of Innovation and Instrumentation Engineering at Brooks Automation

Dr. Asfour was an asset to our research and development team. He possesses excellent interdisciplinary and inter-functional communication skills that were put to good use interfacing between our production, engineering, marketing and our overseas operations.

Fadi translated these qualities into a web-based, information management program that is of tremendous use to me as a project manager and scientist. It is now my preferred interface because it is fast and responsive both on and off-site, which is of importance to me as I am frequently on the road and require up-to-date data. In addition, I find the web interface to be an excellent training tool for new scientists. It allows them to assimilate our progress and understand our processes a lot sooner than our old query based system, thus transforming them into productive members of the group more quickly.

– Mark Shoesmith, Project Manager, EV Cell Development

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